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Bergen, Norway

A business trip to lovely Bergen in Norway. Combined with a day of photography. See the Travel gallery.

Bergen 079-Edit Bergen 134 Bergen 398-Edit Bergen 007-Edit


Going to VMWorld 2016 in Barcelona for work. But there was still time to do some photography. Check out the Travel gallery.

Barcelona 046-Edit Barcelona 055-Edit Barcelona 112-Edit Barcelona 135-Edit

Brown coal mining

A quick visit to two German brown coal mines still in operation near München-Gladbach. Very fascinating seeing these huge mining machines. Check out the Urban Industry galley.

Browncoal 042-Edit Browncoal 043-Edit Browncoal 086-Edit

The Arts

Photographing the Arts. Let's not forget the artists out there who create with their hands instead of a camera. Added the Art gallery with pictures from the Amsterdam Light Festival in December and from the Sculpture Park in Wijk aan Zee.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2015 046 Amsterdam Light Festival 2015 065 EenZeeVanStaal 005-Edit EenZeeVanStaal 090-Edit EenZeeVanStaal 026

Visit to Hamburg

A short visit to Hamburg for work. Combined with a few extra days for photography. Check the Travel Gallery

Hamburg 043-Edit Hamburg 117-Edit Hamburg 184-HDR Hamburg 294-Edit Hamburg 309
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