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Summertime and time for some Photography trips. First off some more Urban scenes in both Germany and Holland. In the Urban - City and Street gallery there are the Kinderdijke Mills and the Schwebebahn in Wuppertal:

Wuppertal 057-Edit Kinderdijk 018-Edit

Schloss Drachenburg can be found in Urban - Castles and Ruins:
Bonn 091-Edit Bonn 148-Edit

Urban - Industry now has the Herdecke Railway bridge and the Halden Rheinpreußen:
Herdecke 002-Edit Halde Rheinpreusen 109-Edit Halde Rheinpreusen 018-Edit

And the Animal Portraits have been updated with another Kingfisher:
Lepelaarsplassen 140

Amersfoort visit

Added some photos of my short visit to Amersfoort to my Urban: City and Street gallery:
Amersfoort Amersfoort 056-Edit Amersfoort 070-Edit Amersfoort 104-Edit Amersfoort 164-Edit Amersfoort 190 Amersfoort 205-Edit

And some more Animal Portraits:

Kikker 011 Oostvaardersplassen 0513 013 Oostvaardersplassen 0513 162 Oostvaardersplassen 0513 210


Added some animal shots from the Oostvaardersplassen in The Netherlands to the Animal Portraits Gallery.
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